I always end up making little projects to visualize data, try to calculate something obscure, or just to have some fun in the wintertime. Here are several of my favorite projects, and I have many more on Github. The projects listed here stretch back about a decade and I was elated to find some of the pre-2010 ones on Dropbox - some are missing images and CSS but you get the point.


A new to celebrate my second decade in web development, with more focus on long-term content on travel and a collection of my favorite pictures from the past 5 years


A diagram of the world's Airmail networks


A infographic website featuring World Help's annual progress with international aid.

Some maps I generated with Google Maps Directions and Geocoding APIs

My first photo gallery - "This Is The Nepal I Want The World To Know." The Mayor of my city came to see it!


A tiny advocacy project for the children of Iraq. It had a Sunlight-based email/tweet your representative feature. Logo was designed on paper by a friend and live-traced with Illustrator.

I served as tech director at a nonprofit I started with some friends after college. The website we built remains my favorite personal project yet. Sadly, so many pieces got lost this screenshot doens't quite capture the how polished the homepage was.

A conceptual redesign of the IJM homepage. More sharp edges and some improved typography. Great organization, I hope they hire some new designers soon!


A multiyear near-space ballooning aerodynamics simulation pet project. I eventually wrote my own JS interface to NOAA's weather/climate data server, however never verified that the math or the simulator itself worked. Space balloons got popular and I lost interest.


My college required mandatory community service hours and I was awarded with this project. After completing this project, it was not used.

I wanted to start a makers club, made the website, then forgot about the idea

A concept for how to program a lights show with Javascript


I was trying to make a near-space ballooning project, here was the landing page. Sadly this period of my sites was not the most colorful.

Some of my college hallmates asked me for a site for their devotional blog series. Here's what we made.

I was curious what happens when you inflate 3 giant party balloons, attach a camera, and then get a kite reel and let them fly

I launched my first wbesite in 2009 but didn't start keeping track of versions until this version.

Another part of my ballooning website - the idea was a web-based dashboard to control your flying module somewhere.

Hotchkissmade was my branding for emebedded electronics and sciencey projects in college.

My fun arduino-based christmas lights show that made Hackaday! <br /><small><em>I did not build or design the hackaday site.</em></small>


I believe this was for an English class presentation

A portfolio I made during my first year of college. Sadly, these projects are amongst my favorites to look back on but are long lost to the sands of time...

A concept for a personal site redesign that never got published

A redesign of my website, and one of my all time favorite personal designs.


My first personal site! Back in the glorious days when the internet allowed free speech and didn't require such precise and eloquent copy. Glorious days! Do you remember Twitter used to let you request your tweets with JSONP too? I miss that.

My first "agency" site for "Kyle Hotchkiss Productions". Would you like to pay me to build you a website with striped green and black background? It's OK to say no.

My high school blocked all the good sites and the perl-based proxies to access them. So I built my own personal proxy and masked it with this ugly login page that said something about airplanes. It never got blocked.

My very first Wordpress theme! It never got published but was a great first PHP project.

I built my high school's swim team website and I all got was an oversized T-Shirt. All I could recover from this site was a tiny screenshot which I stuffed into Safari to screenshot for you!


My first live site for my church's youth group. See the Comic Sans in the sidebar? And I'm not going to install flash to preview whatever was in that blank space. Sadly this was also the project where I decided I would never do a volunteer project for a church again - the site 'disappeared' shortly later and was replaced with something else.