A Tourists Guide to Delhi

The Day We Met

The story of how I met my wife


A newbies guide to Indian English, with some quick Hindi words too

About 2017

A running list of things I've been up to since 2016

Aeropostaux - The World's Airmail Networks, A Map.

I recently sent a package overseas to a friend and was sort of weary of the whole thing. USPS says they offer international service but interestingly own no planes, ships, or teleporting machines. So after mailing a package that in...


How to Save a Life, "Clean India" Edition

So I was thinking, how can we bless the people of India, create a few jobs, send a few more children to school, and potentially make some connections between different social classes in India?

An exercise in Epidemiology: putting the world's access to cell phones to use.

An amateur's idea for how to combine nearly global access to smartphones to better disease tracking

Chase.com Credit Cards: get rewards for next statement

jQuery snippet to help you calculate rewards for next statement. Seems like other banks just show this but not Chase...

Vis and Ramin, a review