About Kyle

I’m Kyle Hotchkiss and I’m a web developer originally from Virginia, now based in San Diego. I’ve been involved in web development for as long as I can remember (about seventh grade) and still wake up every day to build something new. I work for a Bay Area-based web and app development studio. My role involves lots of time with my favorite programming language, Javascript, Google-based serverless tech like Firebase and BigQuery, and cutting edge stuff like Cloudflare Workers and Vercel.

My interests include enjoying the outdoors (4Runner! Hammock! Glamping!), travelling to uncommon places (my favorite was a trip to Yerevan), photography (check out my Photosaaya galleries), aviation (I’ve flown in 3 general aviation airplanes and directly over the North Pole 8 times), roadtrips (see the map) and tech (MKBHD is my favorite for videos and podcasts every week).

Given my background in programming, when I come across ideas or questions in my mind, I often solve them using code. I keep my projects folder up on Github so that others can explore (and hopefully even run and edit themselves).

If you’d like to connect, please tweet at me or email me: kyle [at] this domain.