About Kyle

I’m Kyle Hotchkiss and I’m a web developer from central Virginia living in Southern California. I’ve been involved in web development for as long as I can remember (okay, since seventh grade) and still wake up every morning and build something new. I work for a small San Francisco-based web development studio called Patronage. We specialize in nonprofit and political work.

My passions include photography, outdoorsy experiences, and traveling. I’ve driven up and down nearly the entire Atlantic coast of the USA and am trying to venture around the west some more. Beyond that, I love travelling to India, Nepal, and other obscure places! There’s a lot of amazing things to see and people out there and I am trying to take all the chances I can to experience them.

I’m pretty handy with a code editor and have a lot of fun projects floating around the internet. I’m a big fan of Arduino, citizen science projects, radio science, and things that fly. Check out my Github Profile and maybe you’ll find something useful.

If you’d like to connect, please tweet at me or email me: kyle @ this domain.