Hi! My name is Kyle Hotchkiss. I'm a web developer based in Central Virginia. I began my journey as a web developer in middle school when I realized how facinating it was that you could communicate so powerfully from a blank slate in such a structured and minute way.

That was over 10 years ago. I still enjoy building on the web platform just as much today - except now the problems to solve are much more interesting! Below is my resume. Please reach out to me for links and examples of work.

Professional Experience

Full-Stack Web Developer
May 2013 - Now

In my years at Patronage, I have worked with every nearly web-based aspect of nonprofit and political/advocacy campaigns. I’ve learned what campaigns need to succeed in their goals and how to provide solutions to help them succeed. I also worked with some of the most exciting and powerful web tech of the past few years like React, Next.js, Firebase, Stripe, and Mapbox for a variety of clients. I’ve worked with all parts of the web stack but am most experienced and content with backend development and data processing.


  • Launched a web-based realtime Times Square billboard ad campaign using Firebase Realtime Database which animated a map to show live activity for a political advocacy campaign.
  • Built and maintained a custom signups processing system/CRM that processed tens of millions of form submissions for 8 million distinct people. System handled internal processing tasks such as data standardization, external processing tasks such as geocoding, and sync tasks to data lakes and third party CRMs. System was highly reliable and allowed for re-running of failed tasks. (System is now open-sourced at fired-up/fired-up)
  • Expanded the above signups processing system/CRM for a presidential campaign launch, including a re-deployment of entire system in one week.
  • Built front-end forms library for a presidential campaign launch including a Wordpress-based fields customization system and solid validation.
  • Developed a Stripe-based “shop” where people could donate with one transaction to a handful of political campaigns while adhering to campaign finance rules
  • Experience developing solutions / API integrations with the most common progressive CRMs (EveryAction, Nationbuilder, BSD Tools) and a variety of other common web platforms (Sendgrid, Intercom)
  • Designed/implemented AB tests to help campaigns optimize their sites to increase conversions
  • Built and supported many custom Wordpress based websites.

Specific Knowledge Acquired

  • Web strategy for nonprofits and political/advocacy campaigns
  • Standard frontend web development (site builds), from custom developed Wordpress sites to static hosted websites. Specifically experienced with Timber/Twig for Wordpress, Gulp build system, SCSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Javascript-based web application development. Specific experience building with Next.js/React, Express, Firebase/Firestore, Postgres, Redux, API integrations.
  • Data engineering. Specific experience with BigQuery and moving data between various vendors, building custom Javascript-based data processing pipelines.
  • Google Cloud Platform. Specific experience with serverless hosting options (Appengine, Firebase)
  • Amazon Web Services. Specific experience with lightweight site hosting (S3, Cloudfront, Route 53).
  • Visualizations/interactive frontend tools to help communicate complicated data in a powerful and meaningful way.
  • Payment processing and creating positive customer experiences with Stripe.
  • Site/app performance optimization for server-side and client-side.
  • Worked remotely full-time with a small team from many different timezones.


  • Custom Javascript web application development (Next.js, Express)
  • Interactive frontend React tools (Calculators, maps, visualizations)
  • Postgres, MySQL, Firebase Realtime, and Firestore databases
  • Google Cloud Platform (Appengine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Run)
  • Firebase Platform (Firestore database, Serverless functions)
  • Continuous Deployment (Travis CI, Google Cloudbuild, Github Actions) and testing (Mocha, Jest)
  • Rest API development and implementation
  • BigQuery data engineering and analysis
  • Algolia-based search with custom interfaces


  • Wordpress Custom Website Development (Timber/Twig/ACF)
  • Responsive CSS via SCSS (plus Foundation/Bootstrap)
  • Various frontend/backend package and build systems (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, NPM, Bower and Composer)
  • Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Tag Manager and, Segment analytics integrations
  • Google Optimize and Optimizely A/B testing
  • Version control, multi-developer projects on Git/Github
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Pixelmator Pro, Sketch.app
  • SEO optimization

Co-founder/Digital Director
Illuminate Nations
Lynchburg, VA & Remote
August 2013 - January 2016


  • Co-founded a small not-for-profit organization
  • Worked amongst a distributed team to help run organization
  • Designed & built responive site
  • Designed & built custom donations processing software with Stripe (open-source)
  • Designed many small print and digital pieces
  • Gained working cultural relationship experience (Nepal)
  • Created and implemented social media and ad strategies
  • (some) International finance experience
  • (some) Video production experience
  • (some) Map design experience (Mapbox Studio)


  • Stripe
  • Node.js/Express.js
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Custom Wordpress Development

Web Development Internship
Blue State Digital
Washington D.C. & Remote
May 2012 - February 2013


  • Worked in-office with a distributed team
  • Worked on smaller projects for a wide variety of organizations
  • Developed web sites with ExpressionEngine
  • Built a Facebook tab application for a high-profile organization
  • Optimized client sites to work with companies donation platform


  • ExpressionEngine
  • Responsive CSS
  • Node.js
  • Heroku
  • BSDTools


Web Technology, Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA • 2010 - 2013

  • In Haitus

Hobbies & Interests

World Travel
2014 - Now

  • Kathmandu, Nepal (2014 & 2015)
  • Nova Scotia, Canada (2014)
  • Armenia (2016)
  • Rajasthan, India (2016)


  • Oboz and Danner Boots
  • Osprey and Topo Designs Packs
  • Canon Cameras (7d/5dmkIII)

2013 - Now

  • Travel & Humanitarian Photography (Nepal)
  • Portrait Photography
  • (Some) Video production
  • Hosted the post-earthquake Nepal gallery: This is the Nepal I want the world to know (2015 in Lynchburg, VA)


  • Canon Photography equipment (7d/5dmkIII)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom and Premiere)



  • C/C++
  • XBee Wireless Modules
  • GPS (NMEA) processing (open-source)

2008 - Now


  • Jekyll / Github Pages