An almost-normal week

On Sunday, I planned a trip to London with some friends for next year. I also finished my time babysitting my grandma’s dogs (since she was in hospital). The dogs were very sad and cried at my door at night. They then got into bed with me and starting going under the blankets! They were crazy. After leaving my grandparents house in Tennessee, I had to take an 11 hour drive back home. The area I drove through was rural and hilly but there wasn’t anything really fun to see. The people in this part of America are very goofy. Lots of them drive big trucks and wear camo (army-style) clothes.

When I got back home, I had work Monday. My work is unique because I work-from-home, in my office room. My co-workers all work from home too. We keep in touch with a program like WhatsApp (called slack), emails, and phone calls. I usually walk to the coffeeshop every morning so that I can get out of the house for a little while. Sometimes I work from a shared office with some other people in my city:

This week, most of our clients that we build websites for have been quiet, so we were working on our own webpage called “” to encourage people to be more generous and donate/volunteer for NGOs in 2017. Many Americans make “new years resolutions”, where they promise themselves to go to the gym, to eat more healthy, or to pray more after the new year. They try very hard for a month then give up. It’s very funny to watch it happen every time! I usually don’t make new years resolutions myself.

After work was over (which ended later because we kept finding things breaking), I started working on my Christmas shopping for my friends and family. I had to drive around my city to find a few things to prepare for Christmas. My house isn’t very decorated but I’m trying this year to send something to all my friends. I think it’s very fun to find things that are special to the person who gets them.

After I finished Christmas shopping, I had to clean my house up. I have a roommate and he is not always clean, so I washed the floor and the dishes. Since I clean every night, it only takes a few minutes to make our house look OK again (we are two guys, so it’s probably not as clean as it could be).

And finally, before I went to sleep, I finished watching the Hindi movie Fitoor which was not very good, but since I have a review website for Indian movies, I needed to push through it and finish it. It was not worth it! Really famous actors but not a good story.