My Thanksgiving Weekend

In the USA, we celebrate a Holiday called Thanksgiving every year in November. It’s a holiday where we all make very big dinners with turkey and potatoes, bring all our families together, and be thankful for all the good things in our lives.

My Thanksgiving week was a little different than most Thanksgivings. Earlier this week, I got a message from my sister saying my Grandma was in the hospital, and that she had to fly to the hospital on a helicopter because she was very unwell. It sounded like an emergency so I told my boss at the end of work Tuesday that it was bothering me and he told me I could take Wednesday off and go see her. The problem is that my grandma was around 11 hours drive away! In the USA, the only way we can take trips like this is to drive by ourselves. So I packed up my things very quickly on Tuesday after work, got some dinner, then left my city to go on the road.

The roads between myself and my grandma are very hilly and curvy. It was dark when I left. So after looking at my screen all day at work, my eyes hurt while driving. So I drove for 5 hours and spent the night in a place called Knoxville. After spending the night, I left again for Memphis, the place where my Grandma was in hospital. It was another 5 hours drive, but I stopped in a place called Nashville to get coffee at a famous place called “Barista Parlor”. I got some coffee that said it was Indian but I can’t remember why it was Indian. It was very good. I spent a little while reading emails and bought my friends some christmas presents before leaving again to drive for another few hours.

I eventually arrived at the hospital and walked around trying to find my Grandma so I could surprise her. I didn’t think she would be awake - she was in a part of the hospital for people who had heart surgeries. But when I found her room, she was awake and very excited to see me. Her memory was good and we were able to talk a little bit when she woke up. I spent a few hours with her, then found dinner and a hotel to spend the night.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and I went back to the hospital. My grandma woke up and said hello. My grandpa came too, and I surprised him because I did not tell him I was coming. We spent some time together then my grandpa and I got our “thanksgiving dinner” at the cafeteria at the hospital. It was not bad. After spending another few hours with grandma, I had to take a 2 hour drive back to their house with grandpa so I could watch their dogs as he has to leave town for several days. They live on a farm, so when I arrived, I got to ride one of their horses. It was not my first time, but I was not familiar with how to drive a horse. The one I got was very bad. He kept misbehaving and ignoring me! He just took me where he wanted to go. Bad horse! So I decided to ditch the horse.

I am planning on spending the next few days relaxing, visiting my grandma, then taking the long trip home again so I can be home for work. It’s a big christmas shopping weekend in USA so everything is on sale so I might shop a little bit.