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Tupaki (Thuppakki)

I recently heard about this movie Thuppakki (which was called Tupaki on youtube when I tried to find it), which was one of the highest grossing Tamil films and seemed like it would have an interesting story. I found this Telugu dub of it (same movie, dubbed audio) and loved it. Tupaki was a great film. Full disclaimer, I think I choose this one because Kajal Aggarwal was in it and she’s probably the prettiest actress in all of Bollywood. And this was my first time seeing Vijay in a movie, and he really rocked the military-intelligence role. I think I’ll try harder and aspire to be as chill as him… The overall story here is almost James Bond-ish and makes for an enjoyable 3 hour watch.

Note: try to track down the Tamil version of you can, the subtitles and dubs for the Telugu version were not the best quality.




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