Review ★★★★
Thattathin Marayathu

This is a story based in Kerala about a Hindu boy who falls in love with a Muslim girl. It was my first time seeing anything like this at all, and I think it was really well done, and was respectful but firm about some of the politics that happen when religious that are so different clash in a place. I really hope upon seeing this that people could look past their religions a little further to see the people on the other side (that’s my prayer for myself as a Christian)

This was a really beautiful movie, aesthetically and musically. I wish I could track down the soundtrack! The only reason I don’t have it on my “recommended” list is because it didn’t really grab me in at first, it was a very subtle movie. It ends so well though. If you’ve dived pretty deep into other Bollywood movies and want a feel-good story without too much of the craziness, try Thattathin Marayathu.




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