Review ★★★★★

Sultan has been an interesting journey. It was buried on my list but it has cropped up several times when I was talking to Indians. I ended up getting a bootleg of it (lol) from a friend I met on a plane, who caught me watching Hamari Adhuri Kahani (I usually try to hide my Bollywood hobby from people on the planes to avoid having to describe this life choice), but the man was Indian and was very happy to share Sultan with me. And I’m happy he did too. But I couldn’t find any subtitles, so I had to wait another few days for the official release.

So often, I judge movies on how much heart they have. Sultan comes up on top. Certainly, my love affair with Anushka Sharma helped me find it. And seeing Salman Khan win hearts in Bajrangi Bhaijaan helped too. I love that Salman continues to play characters that are worthy of respect and replication, and that Anuskha plays characters to challenge stereotypes and encourage women to step up.

I’m not in love with anything sports related, but I couldn’t even pause Sultan. It was really an incredible and flawless movie.




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