Review ★★★★★
Rowdy Rathore

A Hindi cult-classic with south Indian flair.

I find it somewhat amazing that 80 movies in, I can still have my mind blown away by a movie in a language I don’t speak, but Rowdy Rathore was well worth the time. Assay Kumar and the lady from Lootera were an excellent pair (they also were in Holiday together but can’t remember if that was before or after this. Rowdy Rathore combines some of best elements from south Indian police movies, north Indian wedding scenes, south Indian dropkick scenes and north Indian production values. Plus some of the best songs / choreography I’ve seen to date. Loved the second song.

Sadly, there’s this one weird part where the thief steals a bunch of boys clothes. Awkward! The only thing in the whole movie that makes it so I can’t recommend it as a party favorite, because that is very frowned upon in America.




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