Review ★★★★

After a long movie break, I start again with Noor. I’ve seen Sonaski Sinha in a few movies now where I always could tell she was really talented but the producers never seemed to take advantage of it. I haven’t really seen a good coming-of-life comedy yet and she opened the genre well. It was similar to Kapoor and Sons and a great pick if you enjoyed that. Noor was funny and relatable, even for me… I recommend it if you want to try a less traditional and more modern Bollywood movie. I hope that Sonaski can find more roles like this, she is very talented!

As cutesy and fun as the movie started, the plot does thicken halfway through and the focus on journalism and serious topics increases. It ends up being more of an action movie in the second half and picked up nicely.

Some of Noor was cheesy but overall, I really enjoyed it and recommend you watch it too.




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