Review ★★★
Main Tere Hero

I was pretty eager to jump into Main Tere Hero but man, this was kinda disappointing. I guess I liked the theme song on Spotify and that put it high on my list? Anyways, the film cover explains this pretty well. Shirtless guy with two women beside him. Main Tere Hero felt more shallow than even the title would suggest. Varun Dhawan is a great talent but he just seemed a little constrained in his role here. I like a little hero ego, but the role he played here just took it too far. This “I’m bad” background track played like very 5 minutes as well.

I still finished Mere Tere Hero so it wasn’t that bad, but it didn’t make my ‘recommended’ shortlist. A lot of greatly talented people worked on this movie and I can’t discount that, I just didn’t enjoy it very much myself.


★★★ ★★


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