Review ★★★★★

Wait until you hear this… Disney is a thing in India. Khoobsurat is the first Indian Disney movie I saw and it brought me back to the 90s Disney that so many of us grew up loving, the with castles and the elegant characters and the stories based on royalty. The acting differences in the first 10 minutes of the movie made it feel almost un-Indian at times, it was almost too well composed.

It sounds like Khoobsurat was one of Disney’s entrances into Indian movies - they entered a crowded market, grabbed some of the greatest talent they saw, and came out really well in the end. Really great pairing of the best of the west & east. There were some times I thought that for a first time into India, maybe disney forgot where their audience was, but in the end, this is Sonam Kapoor at her best and a really precious movie.

And every time I said Sonam Kapoor is basically a princess. I swear I didn’t know the plot to Khoobsurat before… I was right.




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