Review ★★★★
Kaaki Sattai

“Money can’t buy some things: mom, dad, a good friend … and a real policeman”

Sometimes, you end up watching a film whose plot takes a while to develop. I was quick to assume that Kaaki Sattai had no heart, that it was just a silly love story, but it took getting a solid hour in before it started to really get my attention. It’s the story of a young police investigator who wants to become an officer and how he solves his first big case, which spirals bigger and bigger and bigger in this strange crime circle of illicit organ trade (sidenote: I’m pretty terrified that the crimes this movie talks about are real). Kaaki Sattai was well filmed (seriously, I loved the color grading work) and enjoyable. It earned its 4 stars, but just didn’t pull me in deep enough to get my “recommended” label.




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