Review ★★★

Junooniyat was pretty bad. And it was pretty good. Behind all the bad CGI, the forced cliches, the scenes that felt so awkward; was a sappy and promising story. I wasn’t totally convinced by either Jahan’s or Suhaani’s acting but it seemed almost like they really wanted each other more than they were pretending. And behind all the silliness, the randomly beautiful scenes, the plethora of colors on screen, there was a spark of something magic that kept me glued to the screen. By most measures Junooniyat was pretty JV, but I liked it and I’m not afraid to admit it.

This poem pretty much stole the show:

A breeze touched me and went, abhi abhi Moonlight has melted, abhi abhi A star just scattered, abhi abhi A moment seems to have stopped, abhi abhi What has happened to me? Where have I lost myself? I was just here, but I’m not here, ab nahi ab nahi, ab nahi, ab nahi


★★★ ★★


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