Review ★★★★
Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

I was a huge fan of and kept running across some really good music from Holiday: A Soldier is Never off Duty, which was a Hindi remake of it. After much delay, I finally watched it! It was a shot-for-shot remake (okay, some different songs and lots more money) of the beloved Tamil version. Sonakshi Sinha was even emulating Kajal Aggarwal’s faces! That’s dedication to art right there. Akshay Kumar, arguably one of the most famous Bollywood actors, did a fine job too, but it’s hard to replicate the magic of Vijay. It’d be hard to pick my favorite between Holiday and Thuppakki. I’d say probably Vijay and Kajal with the higher production value of Holiday would have been the perfect compromise between the two.

You’d think seeing the exact same story, dialogs again would be boring and repetitive but I was surprised to see some of the special plot points behind the story. How much Holiday talked about heroism and sacrifice for their communities and how sometimes we need to step up to the game and make the sacrifices we expect our policemen and soldiers to make.




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