Review ★★★

Fugly is another one of this movies that I’m not sure how it popped up on my radar but was enjoyable enough to see through. The ending really made the movie work. I didn’t recognize any of the faces in the movie, but they made up for it by picking a cast of 4 friends who had great chemistry as a team of troublemakers who usually get away with their pranks. The name of the movie is … interesting … and I don’t think it means anything different then the American version of the word. The movie starts out dealing with lots of dudes acting like pervs around women around them. It ends up playing into the plot when a mans eve-teasing results in the 4 friends taking revenge on him and his shop. Other parts of the movie feel oddly inspired by Miami lifestyles. I liked the cast a lot - I hope to see them in different movies in the future. I also thought Fugly was well produced and I liked their plot structure, just not the story itself.

(Note: Fugly is not a family-friendly movie.)


★★★ ★★


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