Review ★★★

Fitoor was a twisted combination of a big sappy mess and a curiously evil villain. It’s based on some Charles Dickens novel that I will never read and some of his known dark overtures are certainly clear here. This sense of gloom that looms under a story seems to be his trademark. Good acting (but mostly swooning) with Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur. The story is so distant and hard to connect with though. And every piece of dialog felt like it needed to be poetic to the point where the characters were hardly communicating. I really enjoyed the pieces filmed in Kashmir. Not a place I could ever go, so I appreciate all the peeks.

The way this one ended was… Well, it was interesting.

Do I recommend Fitoor? The two weeks it took me to getting around and finishing it tells me no. I shouldn’t. But if you like Katrina or Aditya a lot, sure, why not.


★★★ ★★


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