Review ★★★★★

What a movie! From the team that made Chennai Express, so I was skeptical at first. But what started as ‘indian fast n furious’ turned into this captivating multi-faced story that really made me happy. You see, the movies that really catch your eyes are few and far between. Dilwale was an action movie, a classic Bollywood romance, and a mindless comedy, switching effortlessly between the three. Never have I seen so many elements balanced and part of a whole. When you have a 2 and a half hour canvas to tell a story, switching between two countries, two time periods, and two generations is a lot of work and Rohit Shetty and team made it all happen. Sure, there were moments that didn’t add up perfectly (15 year old flashback with modern vehicles? why not!) and sometimes you don’t want the slapstick dumb actor in the middle of your serious storyline (hey, gotta appeal to all the audiences), but with grace, even these minor flaws are entirely forgettable. This one contains all the great story elements too… a forbidden love, poetic music, and several serious roles.

The soundtrack to Dilwale was enchanting, which I credit due to the Bulgarian influence in so much of the movie. (Seriously, watch that video above) I highly recommend watching this one.




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