Review ★★★★
Dhobi Ghat

An Indian friend subtly mentioned Dhobi Ghat as an inspiration and I was intrigued - after reading into it, and seeing it was an “artsy” Aamir Khan movie with not too many reviews on Einthusan, I knew I had to give it a go. Dhobi Ghat stars very subtly, especially for Aamir, but the whole time, so little of the movie seemed staged - it seemed like this tiny dramatization just in the middle of Mumbai where life moved on. It sort of felt like being there. I loved the handheld camera shots, all the social barriers and norms crossed, all the cutesy observations. I loved how they used the rain to pull the stories closer together. How carefully Munna tries to even put his arm near Shias.

There’s a certain set of social norms in India (and Nepal) i’ve noticed in all my time there that I could find a way to describe. Usually I’m around somebody local and they always smile and say the person who’s cowering away is “shy”. I didn’t realize how this can happen beyond golden-haired people like myself. Dhobi Ghat really dramatized these relationships well for me and I can finally point back to something to describe it. I’m happy they kept it so real.




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