Review ★★★
Delhi 6

In some ways, Delhi 6 was a dream come true. A perfect peek into what life in Delhi really is like. Told mostly from the point of view from an American Indian who is making his first visit with his grandma, they really explain some of the intricacies of the culture in Old Delhi. But in other ways, it was an acid trip. Not the best fit for a Bollywood marathon as it’s not as magical as many others. I’m going to Delhi in a few weeks so I enjoyed the little tips I saw in here (watch out for kids who steal things, don’t be an american, etc). But Delhi 6 has the most random subplots. The main story goes pretty subtlety while this wild story about a fictional black monkey goes haywire. The monkey turns into religious wars. Then there’s the love story and the thing about Indian Idol (it’s a thing?). And a strange CGI video of New York City full of rickshaws that slowly morphed into an acid trip. But at the end of the movie, Delhi 6 had to be the most Indian movie I’ve seen yet.

And Somam was a princess. Like always.


★★★ ★★


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