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Dear Zindagi

I was pretty excited for another Alia movie, with the side effect of having my other favorite SRK starring! But I was sort of bored to see Alia in a western-aligned romantic comedy. After seeing how well she does with complicated issues like kidnapping and drugs and escaping bondage, seeing her as an average girl with romance issues seemed so… dull. She did fantastic for the role, but somebody newer doing not as well as Alia wouldn’t have changed the plot. I guess after seeing so many of her movies and the role of growing up in all these crazy circumstances, seeing her play an average person’s role just didn’t seem like the norm.

The movie really begins to take a better shape about an hour in when SRK’s role begins - and seeing the depth and flow and seriousness about everyday life in a Hindi movie was new for me - and I really liked it. It touched a lot on the value of therapy and counseling but I think it sort of missed the mark and created some false expectations for how you should feel leaving counseling. Alia and SRK’s non-romantic chemistry was absolutely perfect, and Alia’s role as a sad-and-broken young adult let some of her talent as an actress stick out.

Production-wise, the movie was fantastic. I hope to see many more movies with this photo/audio baseline. Weirdly, the music for this whole movie was a total flop. Usually with Alia or SRK it’s spot-on. Some of the scenes during the music were also pretty similar to juice commercials I saw on TV in India. The constant eBay ads were awful, and were so forced in the movie I don’t understand why they bothered. The Skype ones were a little less worse, but still not good.


★★★ ★★


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