Review ★★★

It was time for another Telugu movie so I stumbled Brindavanam via Kajal Aggarwal. It was one of her earlier films, and while the story was unique and interesting, the movie went on for longer than it needed to (nearly 3 hours - story could have been compressed to 2). Lots of great elements, including another great Grandpa, Kota Srinivasa Rao (who amazingly starred in 650 movies, Wikipedia says?). I think the movie would have been a little stronger if they would have strayed away from the giant houses, gave the competing villages names, and used the village dynamics a little more strongly. It felt distant and locationless at times, and location is a large part of the charm of any movie. It also could have used some resolution in the ending. It ended up only slightly different than it started. It is a bit of an older movie, and the cast have really matured a lot since then - I see these same supporting-cast faces in many Telugu movies and can’t quite put a name to them yet.


★★★ ★★


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