Review ★★★

Banjo opens up really strongly. Very colorful, very elaborate presentation. A white person who speaks fluent Hindi! Some of the best character development I’ve ever seen in an Indian movie in the beginning. But the elephant in the room is Nargis Fakhri’s performance. It was so detached from the movie it was hard to understand why they picked her. And her walking through Mumbai slums wearing an …interesting… outfit. What were the directors thinking?

The movie felt like being on drugs at time. So well produced, but so many things happening. You have the weird slum romance song and dancing on tables. But then you have the scene where Taarat was monologuing with his deaf father that was amazingly thoughtful. You have Nargis trying to act in what is best described as 2-star Telugu level, and Riteish who has won a spot in my heart with his incredible performance. Then you have some south-Indian fight scenes. THEN you see Nargis doing really well in a few scenes (all spoken in Hindi). Towards the end, Nargis becomes more and more of a jerk to Taarat and seems to counter pretty much every argument she made for Taarat to become a better person. Then there some scenes about friendship with the band that were really good.

It’s hard to really review Banjo. I just haven’t seen anything of such inconsistent quality before. The good parts warranting 4 stars, and the bad parts warranting 2.


★★★ ★★


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