Review ★★★★
Bangalore Days

So often movies are nothing but something of an emotional escape for people. But something about this one, and so many of the other south Indian films I’ve seen have really stood out. They just manage to be so real about humanity, and the messiness of life, and the pain that so much of us experience. They don’t feel foreign. They just feel like how life plays out to me, while remaining entertaining and unique enough to spend a few hours before bed watching a new one. Bangalore days didn’t have a plot with this singular conflict to overcome, it was just these stories on these stories that were all connected in such awesome ways that just untangle throughout the movie. All the characters are refined but nobody becomes too annoying or egotistical and steals away your attention. It felt like it had a little bit of the youth political statements while still just being (what I imagine) a projection of the dreams of so many young people in India. (Bengluru does look pretty awesome, I have to say).

This one might be a little harder to find, but I enjoyed it and you might too.




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