Review ★★★
Attarintiki Daredi

When you move swinging like a boat… May I follow you like wind?

Attarintiki Daredi was at the time I watched it, the second most profitable Telugu movie, It had a pretty big production budget, so I was curious what that had in store - after all, so much of the telugu movie charm is creating enjoyable and memorable movies with a lower budget. And I have to say, Telugu movies are not an example of more money creating a better end product. They did spend a lot of money on CGI for sunglasses (So telugu…) There were about 20 recognizable faces in here (none of which I remember). And the movie had about 3 subplots behind the main one. While Attarintiki Daredi was interesting, it was also very long (took me 3 nights to finish it). A few fun songs, and a unique story though. So this one is good if you want more Telugu movies and have finished everything else on your list.


★★★ ★★


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