On Photography

I’m only a recent interest in photography as an art. And I shoot with an Olympus E-PL1. That’s right - I don’t own a Canon or a Nikon - and that’s how I intend to stay. My Olympus camera isn’t a winner in most regards. It’s got its share of issues with picking a white balance, focus speed, and its constant desire to set even a bright room at an unholy ISO. But regardless of those flaws, I can still shoot a great photo. Sometimes I have to pull out the tripod or get at a weird angle to get it. But those shots are interesting. Had I a “brand name” camera, I would have taken the same picture with only slightly better results. Equipment doesn’t make the artist. If you’re a girl who recently received a DSLR from your rich parents, you’re not automatically somebody who will be respected as a photographer. If you can’t take an awesome picture with your iPhone, don’t waste your money on a name brand DLSR. Just start with something cheap and make yourself a talent. When you’re proud of a shot that was taken on a camera as bad as an iPod touch, you’re a champ!