Oh, Jekyll.

I figured it was about time to rebuild this site into something easier to read. That’s all I want, just something that’s easy to read. The newspaper industry is going defunct because they didn’t make it easy enough to read their content. And they try! They have good writers! I just have a laptop, coding knowhow, and lots of freetime. Imagine what my readership is! Actually, I don’t. Google tells me that.

Anyways, I built this here site with Jekyll. It’s like Wordpress in every way except… well, actually it isn’t. I didn’t want to deal with SQL or Appfog’s monotonous billing system any longer. But Github’s billing system was fine, so I just use their web hosting. And in front of that is another CDN, so when Github inevitably gets DDOS’d again, you can still read these tiny words. Eureka!

In other site-related features, I’m using Foundation here. And Analytics.js. And Prose. They’re cool - check them out!

All this, because I fear the fate of the Print Media Dragon upon myself.