couchdb-simple & couchdb-queue

I’ve had these two small projects laying around for quite some time now, after pulling them out of the spotmon and the fnstraj codebases. They’re both Node wrappers around CouchDB. Here is the release announcement!


I didn’t like using plain HTTP everywhere to access my Cloudant instance, nor did I like having to use somebody else’s database wrapper, especially with ones that threw errors instead of passing them gracefully in callbacks. I took this one out of fnstraj and then cleaned it up a bit - it’s a very low-level CouchDB wrapper that may be a great tool for your next couchdb-node project.

Have been using with great success for several months now. The only feature really lacking is lack of HEAD requests to verify server is up, which is really arbitrary anyways.



This one is a bit more advanced. I needed a queue system that could run tasks on intervals based off of CouchDB. It needed to be able to handle things parallel, if desired, and to be pretty bulletproof. couchdb-queue is where I’m currently at with that implementation and it works very well in both fnstraj and spotmon now.

Has been used in production-quality applications (with Cloudant) for several months now, no issues.