fnstraj.org Roadmap

I’ve been really working hard on fnstraj the past few weeks since launch and am hammering out a roadmap for features going forward. So far, nobody really has seen fnstraj or really understands what it is, what it does, or why I made it, so motivation can be a daily battle moving forward. My interest in continuing this project is more for proving that I can finish what I started, that I can handle a software project on my own, and that I am worthy of hiring. I love ballooning, and trust me - I want space bad - but recent budget constraints will probably keep me from launching this semester (those being that going to the doctor cost hundreds of dollars, not $20 like naive me expected).

Without further ado, here is my basic roadmap for fnstraj:

0.3.5 - Alpha Release

Already got this one in, yeah!

0.3.6 - Flag-based Queuing

This one is currently in the oven. The basic premise is to allow multiple predictors to run on the same queue, so that work is always being done. It is also the foundation for cool features in the future.

Also, getting rid of the bad interface from 0.3.5. Hah.

0.3.7 - Real Physics Mode

I’m probably releasing a dragon by this one - moving off the constant 5m/s ascent/descent rate and going to be using real physics mode to predict how fast something really should ascend. Don’t be upset about the current physics mode (constants) - because they work rather well for the time being. Ascent physics are tricky and my understanding of them is based off of reading people’s blogs and some emails sent to very intelligent people.

0.3.8 - Real Date Mode

Basically, you can’t do launches in the future just yet - so this will allow predictions to be made a few days in the future (for GFS/HD only) - which will be good for seeing what day is best to launch, etc.

0.4.0 - SPOT GPS Integration

This was the dream for fnstraj since day one - since I don’t have SPOT equipment, this is also a bit far-fetched for now. It will re-predict when seeing new points from SPOT, which hopefully will do wonders for accuracy.


At this point, I will have something proving fnstraj is legit and can be used for flights. Heaven knows how long this will take ;)