Apple Orchard Falls (Jefferson National Forest)

After studying my Topographic map of the Lynchburg area, I decided the next hiking destination for me was the Apple Orchard Falls. I have lived here for several years but surpisingly have never heard of this one! There are a lot of neat things in the woods around here - and this is one of the best. Hidden a few miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway some 40 miles away from Lynchburg, Apple Orchard Falls is a 150 tall waterfall on the side of one of the most prominant mountains in the state.

I don’t have any pictures of the waterfall, even though I brought my SLR and tried some (didn’t turn out, a tricky thing to capture). Here’s one from my favorite hiking site, however!

The drive to the falls was pretty spectacular too - I went when the leaves in the mountains were pretty, and the parkway has such remarkable views from this area. The Thunder Ridge Wilderness viewing platform (is that the best word?) was fantastic too! The off-roading portion of the road was good fun, and that’s always a highlight for me

Definately recommend a trip you should take before it gets too cold, Apple Orchard Falls is one of Virginia’s best kept secrets