Summer 2012

Thankfully I have found my place this summer! Instead of wasting another summer of my life at the theme park, I have blessed with an internship at a company called Blue State Digital in Washington, DC. That’s right. I got out of Virginia. Before I turned 20! Of course, I still live in Fredericksburg, so I commute via a lovely rail service called the VRE. I have been working a week now and know that BSD is a great company to be with. I am very excited to be working with a passion I have had since middle school!

I won’t have much [usable] free time for Hotchkissmade work this summer, but I have plenty of time to imagine. Deploying the latest Hotchkissmade site and working on my lights controller are personal project priorities. I have already been learning new things at work (it’s really nice to be made to use something new - you might fall in love with it) that I plan on using in personal work in the future. I am also interested in taking up Wordpress client work in the fall.

Embedded electrical work will pick up if I head out to California this summer before school or shortly after I get to school this fall. I have a rather large budget and plan on making this another great year for Hotchkissmade. Spring this year may have been slow, but exciting things lie ahead for this summer, this fall, and this winter.

Stay tuned, dear reader. I’ll make you smile soon.