Strava / Bike Computer

I found this neat new web/iOS app called Strava the other day. It’s a bike-computer map-thingy. It logs all your rides and gives you pretty detailed and neat statistics about them. I like not having to drop lots of money on an actual bike computer that does all this! It uses the iPhone GPS and cellular location services, and appears to work with great accuracy as far as speed and distance goes. They also have a bluetooth speed sensor.

I really hope to start doing some decent distance rides this Fall and Winter, when it cools down, and Strava is just the right kind of tool for the job! I’m pretty excited to be able to show off my 30s to all who listen. Strava is completely free for every feature I could ever want, but offers a paid plan for some neat other statistics like “suffer score,” and some other sport terminology that I don’t really care for.