Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

The past two months, I found my lost love for cycling again! I did another 30 mile ride yesterday and it was one of the best rides of my life. Thankfully, all my gear is purchased and ready for a theoretical ride I plan on doing before the end of the semester called the fifty mile freeze. I have been trying to get the miles in on school nights, which sometimes can be hard with homework, early classes, and required christian school events. By some miracle, I average about 35mi a week right now, which means I’m on track for that 2,000-calorie-burning-madness.

The past few weeks, I’ve had my mind on getting into a smaller sport called Cyclocross. It’s like mountain biking, road biking, and motocross mashed up. Thankfully, the bikes are closer to road bikes than those ugly mountain bikes. I’m starting to hawk on bikes online and finding my list of requirements very hard to combine in a bike:

  • Steel Frame
  • Drop Handlebars
  • Disk Brakes or exceptional calipers
  • Ridable on pavement (with tire changes)
  • Preferably single-speeded

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the perfect fit and actually manage to get it into the middle of Virginia without a huge hassle. That’s next years goal though. Still have California to work on right now.

My school has an awesome bunch of off-roading trails that are mostly left free to ride on, and I hope to be able to conquer those just for fun before I graduate. I’d maybe even like to do a fun race someday off-roading, nothing serious, of course. My infatuation with single speed bikes doesn’t get me around as fast as the other guys!