5 Neat VHF Transmissions

If you’ve ever wanted to feel more in-touch with the day-to-day operations of the world around you, you would do well to invest in a VHF radio. Here’s a list of some neat things you can listen to over the...

Bike Shop 317

About a friends lighting project on my antique bike that I helped with.

How Hotchkissmade Hosts

Here's an extensive writing on Hotchkissmade's hosting ideology. Includes great reasons to switch to a VPN, some of the details used to set up and keep a VPN running, and links to some cool software.

Joshua Cruse

A site that I built for my friend, Josh Cruse. It features his writing, movies, music, and photography work. Hotchkissmade's first major client project.

San Francisco

Web Development Workflow

Some of my favorite applications for building on the web. If you're looking for the latest and greatest to get things online, check out these recommendations.

Innovation and Radio

I’m pretty sad to find amateur radio such a dead community for people like me. There just aren’t people my age changing the world with it. It’s mostly older guys chit-chatting about their radios, on their radios… meta much? I...

Liberty University Cross-Campus

A neat video showcasing an entire college campus in under 5 minutes. Neat time-warping action!

Have I Unlocked a New Waveform?

On some sound generation led to a very interesting results... maybe even a new waveform!

Fly Near Space Trajectory Analysis

Some words on my Trajectory Predictor, one of the hardest programming projects I've ever worked on!