Great Apps List - Mac

Here I am, sitting at my desk on a Saturday night, with nothing to do. I guess that means I will put on some cartoons and write about all the apps I use as a student and as a web...

Best Foot Forward (case study?)

It’s simple, yeah, but this is my album cover design for Graphic Design class. Of course, all the sizes are wrong (web developer here, I do pixels, not millimeters) but it looks really awesome and I had to show it...

Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

The past two months, I found my lost love for cycling again! I did another 30 mile ride yesterday and it was one of the best rides of my life. Thankfully, all my gear is purchased and ready for a...

New York


3225 miles (a railroad adventure)

I’m taking a long train ride during the Holidays this year. It’s a 3,225 mile journey from my hometown in Virginia to San Diego, California. This is something I have wanted to do (and talked about) for the past two...

30 miles (a bike ride)

Strava / Bike Computer

The Bicycle

Favourite Music

Oh? Have I not ever shared my playlist of the greatest music ever? I listen to about 10,000 songs a month and I haven’t bothered to tell the world outside of Rdio what that consists of. Here it is.