Cole Mountain (George Washington National Forest)
Apple Orchard Falls (Jefferson National Forest)
Indiana / a 7D

Devil's Bathtub (Jefferson National Forest)

Standing at 36.81 degrees North, 82.65 degrees West is one of Virginia’s greatest surprises. Take a look at the map - there’s nothing particular, just some trees. No sizable towns, no significant roads, and nothing out of the ordinary, but...

Oh, Jekyll.

I figured it was about time to rebuild this site into something easier to read. That’s all I want, just something that’s easy to read. The newspaper industry is going defunct because they didn’t make it easy enough to read...

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Top Gear, Bicycles, Canada, Lynchburg, Apple, Codin’, Aquarium, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Driving, Exploring, Adventuring, Travelling, Trains, Cast Iron Cookware, Candy, Mountains, Coffee, Edison Bulbs, Homemade,

A Simple Solution

Recently, I found myself in a very, very strange situation. About $1,000 was taken out of my bank account by a variety of Grocery stores in Michigan. I’m not really sure what led to this, but the numbers seem to...

Discernment & Disclosure

Friends, I have seen a pretty drastic issue on the web these past few weeks and it’s really bothering me. There is an issue with our generation called “oversharing”. As in sharing too much about parts of their lives that...

couchdb-simple & couchdb-queue

I’ve had these two small projects laying around for quite some time now, after pulling them out of the spotmon and the fnstraj codebases. They’re both Node wrappers around CouchDB. Here is the release announcement!

Waypoints Game (for Arduino)