A $400 Craigslist boat

Increasing long-distance balloon float times

Proposed algorithm idea for ballast control using readily accessible weather prediction data

This is the Nepal I want the world to know
Back to Nepal
A Collision

McAfee Knob

My brother and I took a hike to the most photographed location on the Appalachian Trail.


About a new app and gadget called Automatic. I take it for a quick test run to see how I like it.

Explorin' Lynchburg, #1

Today I decided to try a few new places in Lynchburg to see how I liked them. It’s always fun getting out and about here, trying new places and food, and seeing what people have put together. Since I’ve been...

Videography / Dreams / 2013 Journal

I’ve been wanting to learn videography since I was in seventh grade. I spent hours upon hours researching what I could do with my basically nonexistent budget at the time and finally came to the conclusion - getting into video...

The Cascades (Jefferson National Forest)