A $400 Craigslist boat

Bollywood Favorites

A running list of Bollywood movies I've watched this year and their scores

Increasing long-distance balloon float times

Proposed algorithm idea for ballast control using readily accessible weather prediction data

A Love Letter

Nepal, I don't understand why God wanted me to pursue you, but here I am, there you are. I want to see the world, sure. But I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't spent my time getting to know you better. I wish I knew Nepali. That I had black hair. That I could pull off flip-flops.

This is the Nepal I want the world to know

'Kyle, life in Nepal is not easy' said my Nepali friend, Lila. He just may have been right. I was in a field, digging a hole for a tent pole with a stick...

Back to Nepal

A Collision

The story of an absolutely insane drive that lead to an insane car accident and its aftermath.

A Difference

We are enabled to have work that makes a difference.

How to say Goodbye

I have learned so many things from this friend of mine.

A letter to California

I’m not a city guy. I am a web developer, however, and I watch you guys closely. What can I say, I’m very impressed by you and your relentless ambition. I have never seen humans so intent on pursuing ideas....