A christmas-themed lights show that automatically synchronizes to your music. Fun for raves, dancing, deep conversation, and those days when you need to trance out for a while.

Christmasqualizer - Update 3

The third update on Christmasqualizer.

Christmasqualizer - Update 2

The second update on Christmasqualizer.

Christmasqualizer - Update 1

The first update on how Christmasqualizer is going.

Announcing: Christmasqualizer

An announcement for a project called Christmasqualizer. Sneak peak style.

High Altitude Airship Terminology

Some words to clarify how balloons move and how to describe that phenomenon from the ground.

Rtty for Arduino

Announcing RTTY for Arduino, a data modulator I wrote.


My dream of a near-space ballooning program.

Contextual Terminal Prompts

I created a bash profile that makes your terminal look AWESOME!

Don't scrollback in Safari and Chrome

Some quick tips on how to prevent that awful scrollback that Lion introduced in Safari and Chrome.