Dreaming of a future room

Living in a 10x10x8 cinder-block cubicle at school really can be depressing. My roommates and I have won against the prison-style living by covering the walls with whatever we can find and using unconventional lights. Still, I occasionally dream of...

Hey. I'm KK4FVH

That weird series of characters and numbers up there is me. Well, it’s not me, it’s my radio callsign. That is the reward after a one hour test, a year of studying, and three years of dreaming. It allows me...

Architectural Lighting

I tried something new with a friend - lighting up a building using projectors and stage lights. Incredible results and tons of fun.

Virginiastar COMS

The beginnings of Virginiastar COMS.

The future of Hotchkissmade

After making Hack a Day, I decided to order some tools to further my work in embedded electronics.

Christmasqualizer - Update 4

The fourth and final update on Christmasqualizer.

RTTY for Arduino

An Arduino-based data modulator using Baudot code over RTTY. Lots of fun but pretty slow.

Kyle Hotchkiss

My personal website, which just hosts some of my writing.

Fly Near Space

Some awesome, online ballooning calculators designed to help others do the math for their ballooning projects and move on to the fun parts!