Nineteen → Twenty

Today, I turn twenty years old. The teenage days are gone. It is a beautiful thing really, growing up. It is hard to make a difference when you are young. I have seen a lot of exciting things these past years and there are plenty of exciting things to come. I have gone from a strange nobody in middle school to achiving my dream of being a web developer at a firm in six years. I have ran a $20,000,000 roller coaster because it sounded fun. I have flown an airplane once. I have programmed things that could predict where a balloon would fly and where its payload would land. I have seen the Atlantic and the Pacific.

I dreamed big and it worked. The dreams that never became could be listed on my fingers. Lord willing, those things are coming soon. With hope, I encourage you to dream bigger, try harder, and pray faithfully. It only took a few years for God to get me where I stand today.