Neeye, my affirmation

I came across this video lately that really caught my eyes (and ears)…

Maybe it’ll take some time for you to see it. Maybe it won’t. But for me, that’s one of few personifications of all the heart I see in India. The buildings might look cold and their feet might be bare, but it all is just details to a more interesting and emotional story. You see that from time to time in the movies. I certainly felt it when I was there. There’s this way that people look at each other with admiration there that was entirely new for me.

Neeye really affirms so much of where my life has pointed the past year. My curiosity said it was time for India, and I’m happy I listened. Before I went, I really started to think if I should map out a plan for seeing some of the worlds secrets (seeing obscure countries) or really invest in one and actually say I know it. The choice became resounding close so many movies, self-taught Hindi lessons, and Instagram admiration sessions later.

I didn’t really say much here about my time in India. I was on a tour. It was incredible but the chances to interact with people were limited. I know I’ll be back next year, maybe with a friend, maybe by myself. I want to see more of the country and then I want to figure out if there’s some role I can play in their future. There’s a lot of opportunities to do good work there, and I would be honored to see them happen.