Explorin' Lynchburg, #1

Today I decided to try a few new places in Lynchburg to see how I liked them. It’s always fun getting out and about here, trying new places and food, and seeing what people have put together. Since I’ve been wanting to publish my finds here a little more, here’s the first batch.

Magnolia Foods

I decided to grab lunch here today. This is a nice cafe and speciality grocery store on Rivermont by Randolph College. I love the vibe and how nicely all their products are laid out. I tried a Turkey and Bacon wrap here today, and it was good. But their brownies are really the best I’ve ever had. I know I’ll be back here again soon, hopefully to pick up something good off of the shelves.

The Farm Basket

I used to drive by here near daily when I was going to the bike trail. I never thought it would be anything interesting until I saw their website. I stopped by and looked around. They have lots of neat garden and home stuff here. They also have a wide variety of made-in-Virginia groceries (I always love these) and a small cafe with a lot of seating. It’s right on the Blackwater creek so it’s actually pretty nice out back, they even have a picnic table.

Blackwater Creek (walking) Trail

I have biked down the Blackwater Creek Bikeway dozens of times. But today I tried out the walking trail down the creek and I really enjoyed it. I always knew there was one, but never bothered to venture out. It’s not the most beautiful trail in Virginia, you’ll have to drive further out to find those, but it’s a nice little selection of trail that stays on the creek, and goes past some interesting rock formations. You’ll pass the dog park on the way here, seeing those dogs play with each other was a really nice way to end a walk on the trail.