Innovation and Radio

I’m pretty sad to find amateur radio such a dead community for people like me. There just aren’t people my age changing the world with it. It’s mostly older guys chit-chatting about their radios, on their radios… meta much? I came in as an inventor and innovator hoping to somehow take advantage of the range available for a variety of projects.

I’ve had this one driving down to Lynchburg yesterday… Something about attaching a GoPro to my hood, and getting the video feed to a laptop that converts the video to narrow bandwidth sound, and attaches into the mic input of a radio. You see where I’m going with this… except I don’t mean Amateur TV. ATV requires far too much bandwidth, is an analogue technology, and doesn’t hold the resolution I would like from a GoPro. I was thinking a digital video stream over the 144mhz band. I believe it’s possible, albeit dropping many frames and quality. I don’t really get why this problem hasn’t had a better mind than my own on it before. The ability to stream video without ridiculous data rates is really appealing, plus my licence allows me to broadcast that signal about as far as a traditional TV station could. (Note: my licence does not allow broadcasting just to broadcast. The intension of this project is for personal use only.)