I need a job

Hi. My name is Kyle Hotchkiss and I need a job for this summer. This post doesn’t represent the beginning of my hunt for a job with web development. It represents the fact I’ve applied to over 30 jobs recently and things are looking like I will go home this summer unemployed. I have zero “connections” to a job. I know more then a fair share of people who get jobs through family friends and church friends. I don’t have either of those resources available. All I have is this goal: to work with front end development or Wordpress development this summer. I’m not asking for much. I’d be fine making $10 an hour. I’m in college - I don’t need to be making an adult paycheck just yet. But I do need the job experience in the field I’ve worked my ass off getting an expertise in the past several years. I need to walk out of college with a resume that shows I’ve worked with other people on web projects before and that I’m not one of those candidates who learned development in college.

You probably think I’m a prick looking for such a job. Or maybe you think I’m just having some white-guy problems. Yes, I’ve worked a retail job. It was complete and total hell. I was literally treated as if I had mental retardation. They explained to me every single day how to take out the garbage, as if I was incapable. Even though I was hired as a bagger, I was made to work outside each and every day pushing carts. This was before they illegally made me run equipment whilst not old enough to do so. Yeah, I’ve settled with jobs in the past. I’m just looking for a chance to start out with the gifts I’ve been given.

So with this post I am asking you for help. I’m not asking for advice, prayers, or an apology. I’m asking for a connection to a web development job in the Fredericksburg or DC area. An internship would be the best, but I have the skills to work on a project on my own. Freelance or contract work in those fields is also awesome. My email is kyle@kylehotchkiss.com. My resume is here. Please lend an aspiring web developer a hand. Thank you.

Update: I have found work for the summer, thanks to all who have helped me in my journey!