How to say Goodbye

“I love you, Kyle”

“God knows”

Those were the words my friend sent me off with yesterday. If I see her again, it will be in Nepal or India, but she’s got no plans for living on this side of the world again, since she’s about to marry her Nepali fiance.

She never was slow to tell my friends or I what God had to say to them. She was always pushing me to pack up and move to Nepal. She invited me to join her and her future husband on a trip to Everest Base Camp, a trip that I regretfully won’t be able to make for quite some time.

I have learned so many things from this friend of mine. I’m sad that she has to leave but I’m happy that she didn’t just walk away without saying anything. I’ve lost countless friends like that and am always left lost and confused as to why they couldn’t have just said why.

Godspeed, Holly. I hope and pray many blessings upon you and Michael.