Hey. I'm KK4FVH

That weird series of characters and numbers up there is me. Well, it's not me, it's my radio callsign. That is the reward after a one hour test, a year of studying, and three years of dreaming. It allows me to use rather powerful radios just for fun. A lot of people would call me a "ham." Dear lord, please never call me that. I think that's an obnoxious term for somebody who uses nice radios. I would prefer if you just keep calling me Kyle Hotchkiss.

The practicality of having a radio licence is really amazing. Everything from emergency communications that are much more versatile than satellite phones, to talking to people hundreds of miles away, to being allowed to build communication systems from scratch. I pushed my hardest towards getting the licence more for developing radio systems for high altitude ballooning systems, but I'm pretty excited about just seeing what the limits on the equipment I have are. Of course, there are regulations and lots of rules to follow, but haven't you ever heard creativity is best expressed when limits are imposed on it?