Heatwave, 2012

This past week has been the hottest I have ever lived though - and I have been inside most of the time. Crazy as crazy is, it is 15-20 degrees cooler in Florida right now. The damn humidity makes matters worse. Since I have been at home on my own for a while, I have learned several tricks to beat-the-heat indoors, in a older house with wimpy air conditioning.

  1. Close all the blinds. All the curtains. All the doors. All the time. Nothing is to be left open. A room with sunlight is automatically 10 degrees hotter than the average.
  2. Remove the air filter from the central air intake. Ours was filthy. The motor that drives the fan is running with a constant amount of force, meaning that it will pull more air through filterless, since the air has less obstructions. I understand there is an issue with getting the ducts and pipes dusty. I quite frankly do not care, it is 100 degrees outside.
  3. Turn all the fans on maximum speed and leave them there. Make sure the fans are pointed the correct direction. They will get loud. They will blow papers everywhere. It is okay, since sitting underneath them feels that much better.
  4. Remove the vent covers in the rooms you spend the most time in. Removing the vent cover made the difference between waking up sweating and needing an extra blanket last night. I am happy the air has much less drag. Do not remove them all though - just the ones around you.
  5. Sleep with a fan on your face. I have actually been doing this for almost a year now and pretty much require it to get actual sleep. It may just be blowing hot air in your face, but moving air takes the heat off of your skin.
  6. Be careful with the fridge, the dishwasher, and the dryer. The fridge will run more every time you open it. This heats up your house. The dishwasher does not need to use heated dry in the summertime. Turn the heat all the way down on your dryer. Little steps that will make a big difference.
  7. It is totally okay to go in the car and turn the AC on all the way and activate recirculate. If the house is too much to bear, your health is important enough to let the car idle for a while.
  8. Stay active! But not during the day time. Schedule a walk at night, a bit after the sun has set, to keep yourself from getting cabin fever. Cabin fever is a real risk in these brutal Virginia summers, but take a walk and remember that winter will bless us again soon.

Yeah, I probably need to move to Canada soon. I am not a fan of this weather. I want snow and nice sweaters, not water bottles and sweaty shorts. Stay safe and hydrated, now.