Dreaming of a future room

Living in a 10x10x8 cinder-block cubicle at school really can be depressing. My roommates and I have won against the prison-style living by covering the walls with whatever we can find and using unconventional lights. Still, I occasionally dream of what my future place will look like when my bail is posted and I am free from the brick walls next fall. These words are not an actual timeline, but more of a refreshing breath of fresh design and hopefully inspiration to you as well.

lights, suspended Being fascinated with lights lead brought me to finding the wonderful world of cafe lights. I love the strung look and the color warmth that these devices give off. Usually used in parties, weddings, and in outdoor settings, these lights are not often found indoors. I would like to change that in my own room by having these as the primary lights, strung diagonally across the ceiling. They can give off enough light to keep eyes getting sore from the computer screen and get writing done. The biggest issue with these light fixtures are their high price for a small amount of sockets. They also require bulbs with smaller sockets. I think it could be fun to have a bunch of these with clear bulbs in the middle and maybe a few light shades of yellow and red on the bulbs towards the wall.

Oil lamp Another fixture I loved the idea of are oil lamps. I told my roommate about this and he wasn’t crazy over the idea of living in a place with these where they could be spilled. I love the amount of work that goes into these lamps though, and seeing things made with some sort of metal always makes the designer inside smile. I think that candles in mason jars is much more likely to happen than these though. I would miss the metal work, but flames through glass seems to be a theme, doesn’t it now? Maybe several levels of shelves, each with their own mason jar lamp would look good? Heck, even some tiny sets of christmas lights in mason jars would look great.

Grain & Mortar Desk As far as furniture goes, I saw an awesome idea on Lifehacker the other day. There are some instructions on how to build these “maker tables” and they look fantastically sturdy. I’ve been more-or-less scared about the prospects of a future desk given my budget and how poorly some of these things are built nowadays. I have an iMac, which is a heavy computer, and the desk I am currently typing on shakes a bit too much when I bump into it. The same goes for the desk I have back at school. Sturdiness is mandatory, and this desk design goes about achieving that very nicely. I love the metal supports and they have an awesome, industrial look. The site that hosts the instructions also has very nice instructions for beds and work benches.

IMG_3356.JPG Another personal favorite are these chairs from Ikea. I actually already have two of them in my room right now. They hold up pretty well over time, look great, and most importantly, are really comfortable! Several of these around a coffee table make for a really great living room setup and for some really great conversations. A few of these under the cafe lights would do even better.

Well that’s all the interior design dreams I have for tonight. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite interior features and find some great features for your own place.