Cross-Country: Day 4

Today is the fourth of my four-day railway trip across the United States. I arrived in Los Angeles this morning for a layover before the final leg of the trip, going down the Pacific coast and arriving in San Diego Union Station. This portion of the trip was taken on the Pacific Surfliner.

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I woke up at 5:30am this morning to an muffled announcement regarding breakfast. I looked outside to a dark California! Daylight still being an hour and a half away, I rested a bit more. The sun finally rose as we made our way through LA suburbs, which were mostly industrial and commercial complexes. Nothing too interesting. Our conductor made our final announcement for Los Angeles Union Station and the third leg was over.

I made my next connection literally two minutes after getting off the Southwest Chief - it was sitting right there! I got on really quick, surprised by how nice the Pacific Surfliner was. It was a commuter train, but the cars were really clean and really well designed (which is strange for a passenger car). The train looped around the LA area some more before heading to the Pacific coast on its way down to San Diego. It literally was less than 20 feet away from the water at some points! It was a beautiful ride to San Diego and a nice introduction to Southern California’s geography. At about 10:00am local time, the train arrived in San Diego’s Santa Fe Station and it was finished!

I had spent the past two years dreaming of taking a train across the country and finished it at a sunny train station in San Diego. It was a unique experience that I still have some reflections to make on - but I think I loved it! I’ll be giving a more comprehensive word on cross-country travel in the future.

After being picked up by my roommates, we headed to In-N-Out, which was amazing. We then spent the rest of the day off-roading, goofing off, building strange contraptions, and then chilled out in a nice hot tub in the evening. I’m pretty tired now - I haven’t really slept in the past few days!

By the way - I’ve travelled over 10,000 miles by rail this year.

This concludes the series on this cross-country railroad trip.